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In today’s society it is rare for people to go out into nature just to enjoy being outdoors. In this curatorial I tried to capture people’s raw emotions when in nature, as well as some shots of nature itself. By carrying a camera with me on a team hike, I was able to shoot without people knowing, creating a more candid feel. I was also able to get a variety of landscape photos throughout the hike, each from a different part of the journey. Overall, I was able to capture the raw emotions of people while in nature as well as beauties in the forest. This was a very exciting project to create because I enjoy doing sort of “documentation” style photography because it shows a side of the subject that could not have been captured any other way. These photos are a snapshot of people and nature that would otherwise go unseen without photography. In its entirety, this series documents the interaction between people and nature and the rawness that would otherwise be lost after the moment.


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